Breakthrough Supply Chain Transformation

Achieve radical levels of transparency, agility & trust-based collaboration.


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Refactoring the digital transformation technology stack
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Tada partners with Samsung & Copperwire Systems
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Automating Trust across the Supply Chain

Reimagining the future of Supply Chains​

360º Multi-tier Visibility

A hyper-connected multi-tier data network allows different modalities of data-sharing that enables partners across multiple tiers of your supply chain to collaborate in a secure, trusted, & privacy-aware manner. Connect with multiple external & internal data sources to gain complete, real-time visibility into various sources of operational, geopolitical, financial, regulatory, and other risks across the network, in real-time.
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Unified, Agile Orchestration

Map the ‘Digital DNA’ of your entire supply chain ecosystem into a unified, actionable, trusted unified ‘Enterprise Digital Duplicate’ that’s built using advanced Synaptic Network technology. Utilize 35+ pre-built, specialized applications to simplify, visualize, track, monitor and orchestrate your supply chain in an integrated, intuitive and agile manner while leveraging (and not disrupting) existing systems.
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Build Trusted Networks

Embedded within the TADA platform is COBALT-DT, an advanced Digital Trust and Security assurance service that leverages Distributed Ledger technology to bring new levels of security, data integrity, collaboration, multi-party contract automation, and auditability within supply chains. All members can share data in a cryptographically secure and tamper-proof manner, thus helping build trusted, collaborative networks.
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Advanced Digital Transformation Platform​

Digital transformation of complex, multi-party business networks requires a different approach that will change the game for complex businesses. TADA SC is powered by the TADA digital platform that creates a representative
Trusted, Secure & Actionable Digital Duplicate of your enterprise and your supply chain that and helps you achieve digital transformation - 10x Faster. 10X Easier. 10X Better.​


Actionable ‘Enterprise
Digital Duplicate’

35 apps

35+ Pre-built Supply
Chain Applications



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Automating Trust & Security with COBALT-DT

At the core of it, TADA SC embeds COBALT-DT, the advanced digital trust assurance technology by Copperwire Systems and powered by Samsung Nexledger Universal , the distributed technology platform from Samsung SDS. COBALT-DT enables supply chain network partners to confidently share information in a trusted way, with the highest security and privacy. With COBALT-DT, all relevant data from across the supply chain is cryptographically secured and recorded on an immutable ledger; automate multi-party contracts in a reliable, repeatable and auditable manner on a blockchain; and implement innovative financing models for your suppliers. Overall, COBALT-DT enables you to 'automate trust and security’ across your supply chain leading to new levels of agility, efficiency and compliance across your business network.​

Data Integrity

Data Integrity Assurance & Provenance


Multi-party Contract

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