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TADA SC is an advanced supply chain orchestration solution brought to you by TADA, in association with Samsung SDS and Copperwire Systems.

TADA SC is a new breed of blockchain-enabled supply chain applications built on TADA, a modern digital orchestration platform that’s designed to significantly simplify and accelerate the business impact of large enterprise digital initiatives. The TADA platform uses advanced cognitive technologies and creates an actionable Digital DuplicateTM of your enterprise and your supply chain ecosystem upon which you can build, run and manage an integrated suite of over 35 supply chain orchestration applications.

Embedded within the TADA platform is COBALT-DT, an advanced Digital Trust assurance technology built by Copperwire Systems and leverages distributed ledger protocols to bring new levels of security, data integrity, collaboration, multi-party contract automation, and auditability to supply chain business networks. COBALT-DT uses Samsung Nexledger Universal, an enterprise-class blockchain that offers higher performance, security, technical flexibility and ease of management that’s required by modern, complex supply chain networks.

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Tada Cognitive Solutions

TADA is an intelligent digital orchestration platform that is reimagining how enterprises approach digital transformation, at unprecedented speeds.

TADA uses Synaptic data network and cognitive technologies to model, create and store the Digital Duplicate® of the business ecosystem. The TADA platform ingests data from varied sources and synthesizes it into this semantic model, thereby enabling infinite navigation, advanced analytics, intuitive decision-making and intelligent digital orchestration of key business processes.

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Samsung SDS America

Samsung SDS America (SDSA) is the U.S. subsidiary of Samsung SDS, a $9 billion global leader in digital transformation and innovation solutions.

SDSA helps organizations optimize their productivity, make smarter business decisions, and improve their competitive positions in a hyper-connected economy using our enterprise software solutions for secure mobility, retail, DOOH, advanced analytics, and contextual marketing. For more information about Samsung SDS Nexledger Universal, visit our website.



Copperwire Systems

Copperwire Systems provides a blockchain applications platform that enables enterprises to simplify, maximize and accelerate value from blockchain technology.

Copperwire fills the significant architectural gap in the blockchain technology stack that makes it very cumbersome, costly and time-consuming for developing blockchain applications or blockchain-enabling existing applications and legacy systems. Copperwire offers the critical set of application, middleware and technology services, that enables enterprises to utilize blockchain technology without worrying about the technical complexity and costs. Copperwire has developed COBALT-DT as a special -purpose trust assurance technology for the TADA platform and applications.

Copperwire Systems is based in Silicon Valley and was co-created with The Fabric, a pre-Series A fund and co-creation studio focused on next-generation cloud and infrastructure technology.