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Customer Use Case Summaries

Managing supply risks & operational challenges to manage demand better

The Need:
A Global Industrial manufacturer repeatedly experiences gaps in meeting customer demand. Extended lead times coupled with lack of supply visibility creates the bullwhip due to shifting demand and lagging supplier capacity. Further the complexity of operating several production facilities, high product-mix, N-tiered supply base and disparate data sources diminishes the Enterprise ability to foresee failures and plan risk mitigation.

The Solution:
TADA SC provided the end-to-end visibility into customer demand and its supply chain readiness across multiple tiers to meet the demand, enabling risk mitigation, prioritization and decision making. A Command Center was implemented for monitoring & managing production factories at SKU and individual constraint level. With deeper visibility, built-in alerts, automated workflows, proactive scenario analysis, the customer was able to achieve immediate improvement in material availability, work shift management, schedule stability and customer impact. A significant reduction in missing parts at point of use directly resulted in achieving build plan compliance >98%.


Tracking & Verifying Freight Data to Eliminate Disputes

The Need:
A manufacturer was faced with mounting disputes from shipping carriers with respect to the freight’s dimensional weight – which often led to a mismatch between shipping quotes and invoices. Additionally,  it was really hard to attribute responsibility when customs reported product damage. This in turn led to disputes, claims & settlement hassles, customer dissatisfaction – all of this  impacting their bottom-line by up to 15%!

The Solution:
Copperwire’s Track and Trace (TnT) solution records and verifies freight details and the condition of the product throughout the order fulfillment process, via blockchain. The blockchain serves as a common source of truth for all parties – the manufacturer, shipper and customer. Smart contracts deployed on the blockchain help codify terms and automate payments in a tamper-proof manner, helping eliminate disputes and greatly speed up order fulfillment.


Improving asset utilization & productivity across quarry sites

The Need:
A leading Quarry business managing multiple site operations experiences continually rising operating costs and steady decline in throughput. Lack of visibility to individual site operations, worker productivity and lower utilization of its high value truck fleet creates inefficiencies in payload management, scheduling and maintenance.

The Solution:
TADA SC offers an unparalleled view into the overall health and operations of your site’s assets, materials and people. Our solution enabled the close monitoring of assets by tracking machine utilization and performance. The solution provided the deep visibility required to pinpoint areas of inefficiency by visualizing cycle and idle times of your assets across all sites. The solution helped implement interventions to maximize bucket loads , improve operator efficiencies, reduce idle times and utilization of trucks and ultimately deliver significant productivity improvements and cost savings across sites.


Ensuring Integrity across the public procurement process

The Need:
A large procurement organization in Australia, that procures products and services on the behalf of thousands of government and private organizations was looking for a solution to improve the integrity and audit-ability of their entire procurement process.

The Solution:
With COBALT-DT, the built-in trust assurance technology, we are helping record every step in this process – from supplier onboarding, RFP preparation and publishing to bid proposals, assessment contract award and purchase requisition processes – all on the blockchain in order to create an immutable, verifiable, transparent and auditable record of the entire process, while ensuring confidentiality and privacy in certain steps of the process. The solution aims to utilize smart contracts to automate and speed up the entire procure-to-pay process.