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Transform at the speed of digital


Trusted, Actionable
Digital Duplicate

The TADA platform captures and map the digital DNA of enterprise systems into a synaptic, cognitive network and that enables infinite, navigation of all your data and make intuitive and timely decisions. This creates a unified, actionable Digital Duplicate of your business that’s further anchored by a trusted, auditable and secure digital twin on blockchain. This helps facilitate and accelerate the digital transformation of your business in an agile & reliable manner.

Unified Orchestration

Unified Orchestration Engine

With the digital duplicate of your business, you get a unified digital layer upon which you then operate and orchestrate applications in a seamlessly integrated manner. Utilize 35+ pre-built, specialized applications to simplify, visualize, track, monitor and orchestrate all the physical, informational and financial flows across your supply chain. A virtual Command Center gives you the visibility and intelligence to put you in complete control of your supply chain.


No-Code Agile Development

The TADA platform utilizes a no-code application framework that helps you to easily create, configure, deploy and manage applications to meet evolving needs with lightning speed and ease. You can quickly create Digital Portals that allow you to immerse yourself via web, mobile, or virtual reality devices, to easily interact with visual and intuitive representations of your business data. 

Digital Transformation
Platform Features



01. Disparate Data Sources

Disparate legacy systems stifle innovation. They bring about challenges related to capturing a mass volume of data, organizing and accessing that information, and putting that business data to use in a meaningful way. Whether your data sources are comprehensive CRM and ERP systems, or siloed spreadsheets that lack version control and consistency, the TADA platform ingests all your information to provide connectivity across your organization. Our platform can input any type of data, from any type of source.

Data Cleans3


02. Data Cleansing Layer

In the data cleansing layer, information is purged and updated to fit a desired perspective based on your relevant business priorities. Previously siloed pieces of information will be connected allowing users to see all relevant information under a pertinent lens such as sales, financials, productivity, and more.  



03. Digital Duplicate®

The Transactional Layer, Dimensional Layer, and Semantic Layer (below) are what make up an organization’s Digital Duplicate®. TADA’s Digital Duplicate® is a digital replication of your entire business. It’s a new way of organizing data that starts with a framework based on how you think about your business, rather than a framework dictated by the rigid constraints of your data sources. 



04. Transactional Layer

Here is where we store all your transactions. Whether you are monitoring time sheets, invoices, PDFs or other types of files, these transactions are ingested and stored here for seamless recall and access when you need them.



05. Dimensional Layer

Our Dimensional Layer is a semantic data hub. Data hubs are quickly replacing the old model of data warehouses, lakes, and graveyards. In our Dimensional Layer, we organize information in a “network” of connections rather than a rigid frame of x and y axes. Use of our Dimensional Layer allows you to traverse freely through your data, rather than being bound by the inflexible structure in which it is stored.



06. Semantic Layer

This Semantic Layer is the piece of our technology stack that serves as the cognitive network, or semantic framework, of your business. We map the relevant terms to your business – unique phrases, metrics, KPIs, etc. – that dictate the way you and your team operate on a daily basis. TADA’s Semantic Layer is what allows customers to traverse freely through their business data because it creates connections between previously siloed pieces of information.



07. Trust Layer

This Trust Layer leverages blockchain technology to bring together the values of security, immutability, efficiency, trust and audit-ability to the supply chain network. This enables all participants to share data in a trusted, decentralized, secure and immutable manner enabling unprecedented visibility and trust across the network.

Digi Portal3-1


08. Digital Portal

The Digital Portal represents the entry point into your Digital Duplicate®. Whether you are immersing yourself via computer screen, mobile phone, or virtual reality glasses, your Digital Portal is the layer that allows you to interact with visual and intuitive representations of your business data.


Infuse Security & Trust with COBALT-DT

COBALT-DT is the next-generation digital trust assurance technology by Copperwire Systems that delivers advanced security, privacy, trust, efficiency and auditability capabilities to TADA SC by leveraging and maximizing value from distributed ledger platforms and is designed to be cloud-based and chain-agnostic. COBALT-DT creates the much-needed trust layer within the supply chain solution stack to enable unprecedented security, data sharing,  cross-organizational process automation & governance.​

Advanced Digital Trust Technology

COBALT-DT is an advanced digital trust technology by Copperwire Systems that embeds an integral blockchain-enabled ‘Digital Trust’ layer within the digital orchestration stack of TADA SC. This digital trust layer encapsulates an integrated set of enterprise-ready services that brings value-added security, trust, data integrity, data provenance multi-tier data sharing, multi-party contract automation, and auditability services by levering any blockchain protocol or cloud services. COBALT-DT greatly simplifies, maximizes and accelerates value-realization from blockchain technology to benefit complex, global supply chain networks.

Automating Integrity & Trust

COBALT-DT creates a private, permissioned blockchain-enabled network within which all data is encrypted and made immutable while enabling strong cryptographic key-based permission & access controls. Integrity and provenance od data enables ensures greater trust, auditability and compliance. All participants can confidently share data, with a new level of transparency and collaboration. Smart contracts provide a trusted way to automate multi-party contracts leading to significantly increased efficiency and reliability while reducing manual reconciliation & costly disputes.

Enabling Innovative Business Models

With COBALT-DT You can build new business that utilize tokenization to fractionalize assets, create new versatile financial instruments that help improve upon or even discard existing processes for smarter and nimbler business, financing and payment models. You can exchange economic value with instant settlement capability and with the precision of bank transfers while reducing transactional costs within the network. And with greater data and asset tracking and provenance, all network members gain a common view of the state & ownership of assets. COBALT-DT offers the flexible framework and platform to easily build or adapt the model that suits your business.

Digital Transformation Platform Features

Data Services

Data integrity assurance, verification certification, data provenance, data quality, links external data feeds (Oracles)

Integrate with over 110 apps & legacy databases with zero error/zero loss, supports real-time data synchronization

Advanced  security features incl. encryption to secure data-at-rest and in-motion

Secure PKI-based identity framework that integrates with existing enterprise systems

Self-Sovereign Identity with multi-level, granular privacy control for data-sharing
Business Models

Business model architecture with multiple layers of abstractions to meet industry application needs
Smart Channels

Run off-chain transactions with  context stored on blockchain. Swap keys, use a guarantor etc.*
Smart Contract

Create, deploy and monitor smart contracts to automate business logic, rules & policies

Secure key operations covering  Key generation, storage, verification, encryption, etc.
Any Chain

Run your applications on Hyperledger, Samsung Nexledger or Ethereum
Off Chain

Added enterprise privacy and secure, selective  data sharing in complex supplier networks

Supports multiple client and server-based wallet types to securely store digital assets 
Network MGMT

Easily manage nodes, monitor performance & manage membership within the network
Event Monitoring

Monitor events in real-time and set triggers with notifications for timely  interventions
Cloud Deployment

Deploy in public, private or hybrid clouds. Also distribute deployment across clouds
Rest APIs

Easy-to-use, well-documented APIs to access all functionality. No SDKs! 


Leverage Industrial Strength Enterprise DLT Platforms​

Samsung Nexledger Universal provides standardized service API by integrating a wide variety of blockchain consensus algorithms. Our easy-to-use blockchain platform gives you the freedom to focus all your efforts on delivering business value without the need to pore over complex consensus algorithms. Selectively deploy the blockchain technologies that fit your business and IT needs with speed and ease. Ensure secure blockchain system usage and control with Nexledger Universal’s powerful management monitoring.​

Built ground-up for Enterprises

Samsung Nexledger is fast, scalable, safe and easy to use blockchain platform optimized for enterprise needs. Nexledger integrates various distributed consensus algorithms for blockchain to provide the standardized service API. Now, you can focus on creating business values without worrying about choosing consensus algorithms. Samsung Nexledger supports multiple protocols including Hyperledger Fabric (Nexledger-H) and Ethereum (Hyperledger – E) with NCA (Hyperledger-N) which is designed to provide high scalability and efficiency in value transactions such as point payment system.

High Performance & Scalability

Samsung Nexledger supports real-time configurations such as load balancing and horizontal scaling. It is a highly flexible platform securing its performance even after when new nodes are added. Nexledger Accelerator is a proprietary technology developed by Samsung SDS to boost speed of blockchain transactions. This value added feature can be deployed in front of the Hyperledger Fabric network and connect to peer nodes without any modification on Hyperledger Fabric. Based on our assessment, Accelerator can bring up to 15 X faster transaction per second performance.

Flexibility & Interoperability

Samsung Nexledger integrates existing blockchain technologies widely used in the market and Samsung SDS’s own consensus algorithm to provide a variety of blockchain cores (Nexledger N/H/E). The blockchain technology fit for customer needs is chosen to configure the optimal blockchain system. Expediter, a Nexledger Universal’s specialized technology, supports interoperability between Heterogeneous blockchain. Customers can easily and flexibly choose or change the blockchain core on demand and send the same transaction to multiple/ heterogeneous blockchains.


Samsung Nexledger Universal Features

Application of Various Blockchain Technologies

Samsung Nexledger N
A Blockchain core based on SDS’s exceptional consensus algorithm or Nexledger Consensus Algorithm(NCA), which combines strengths of various open sourced blockchain engines. It provides high scalability and is efficient in value transactions such as point payment system.

Samsung Nexledger H
A blockchain core based on Hyperledger Fabric with application of CFT (Crash Fault Tolerance) consensus algorithm. It is ideal for business implementation between pre-defined participants.

Samsung Nexledger E
A blockchain core based on Ethereum and operates according to PoA (Proof of Authority) consensus algorithm. It has a high application effect especially in services with a high volume of smart contract applications.


"Samsung SDS was named as one of the top 50 blockchain companies with minimum revenues or valuations of $1 billion by Forbes.”​

- in Blockchain 50, 2020, Forbes

Implementation of Services via Standardized APIs

Core Service API
Nexledger provides eight common Core Service APIs. Customers can utilize these APIs to realize desired services with minimum effort.

  • Digital Stamping: verifies authenticity with time stamps. · ​
  • Point: creates, charges, uses, and transfer points. ​
  • Anchoring: registers and views data in other Blockchains. ​
  • History: manages history data of IoT devices, vehicles, etc. ​
  • Identity: registers, views, modifies, and deletes digital credentials. ​
  • SSO: registers and inquires authentication tokens for Single Sign On. ​
  • Certificate: registers, views, modifies, and deletes certifications. ​
  • FIDO: manages history of biometric authentication. ​
  • e-Contract: manages original verification and signatures data.  ​
  • Authentication: Settings and manages users, device permissions
Specific Service API
Apart from the common Core Service APIs, it also provides standardized APIs based on the unique features of each Blockchain core (Nexledger N/N/E). Users can develop new Blockchain services using these APIs.
A blockchain platform built for enterprises

Blockchain can be applied to a variety of fields, from logistics to manufacturing and finance. See what innovations blockchain can spark in your industry.​

Features & benefits of Nextledger Universal

Nexledger Universal is a highly compatible, fast and secure blockchain platform, optimal for business transformation at enterprises.​

See how Nextledger works in the real world

Nexledger is a blockchain platform built for enterprise, empowering your organization to take control of distributed transactions securely and conveniently​