Ground-breaking Supply Chain Transformation in the Pandemic Era

With Multi-tier Visibility, Unified Orchestration, Risk & Resilience Management



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Enterprises today have been blindsided by the disruption to its supply chains caused by the pandemic, testing the ingenuity of supply chain leaders globally, as they struggled to maintain essential operations. Making matters worse is the fact that supply chains today are inflicted with many chronic problems including manual processes, poor data collaboration and many security, and integrity challenges stemming mostly from a lack of trust between supply chain participants.

Tada, in association with Samsung SDS and Copperwire Systems brings you Tada SC, a suite of supply chain orchestration applications that can help rapidly build digital supply chains characterized by multi-tier visibility, unified orchestration, better risk and resilience management.. The solution embeds CoBALT-DT, an innovative digital trust assurance technology that significantly improves overall security, trust and collaboration across your supply chain network.


Tada SC Key Solution Features and Benefits:

    •   Drives multi-tier visibility with secure data collaboration 

    •   Rapidly builds a Digital Duplicate of your supply chain

    •   35+ modules for unified supply chain orchestration

    •   Enables multi-factor risk assessment & automated interventions

    •   CoBALT-DT advanced trust assurance technology inside

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“This breakthrough solution has helped me quickly digitize my supply chain, protect my brand, reduce my costs and build greater visibility & trust with my partners and customers”

- CEO, Leading Gaming Products Manufacturer

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